Low Temperature Water/Air Chiller(-10°C/25°C)




  • Adopted world class famous compressor for low-temperature refrigeration. Environmental- friendly refrigerant R407C, R134A, R410A etc, no harm to the ozone field and provide excellent cooling effects.
  • Options for temperature range: chilled water between -5°C ~-30°C ( depending on production needs to adopt different system configurations).
  • According to different needs, optional for various of cooling medium (chilled water): ethylene glyco, alcohol, alcohol ternary mixture, etc. the evaporator can also be designed as anti-corrosive and with calcium chloride water.
  • Designed for 24 hours non-stop working condition to provide continuous cold source for all kinds of production processes.
  • Cooling system can be built with cold water tank and circulating pump, no need for cooling tower and cooling water pumps-easy installation and maintenance.
  • Equipped with various safety devices, providing stable performance with low noise and long life.

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